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Info: Starts From 1st January 2023

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Quba Online Quran Academy Is An International Online Quran School, That Has Been Providing Online Quran Teaching Services Since 2015 And Aims To Assist You As Well As Your Kids In Quran Learning With Tajweed. We Have Both Male And Female Quran Tutors And There Is No Requirement Of Web Cams. Furthermore, Females And Kids Can Read Quran Safely From The Comfort Of Their Homes. Quba Online Quran Academy Is A Spectacular Platform Of Online Quran Teaching And Memorization Which Grants New Muslims And Children All Over The World The Opportunity To Read Quran With Tajweed From Home. The Platforms Used Are Zoom And Whatsapp. We Welcome All Students Interested In Learning The Quran; The Program Includes Quran Recitation, Memorization And Tafsir, Word Meanings , Translation And Duas Which Include The 6 Kalimas, 40 Rabbana, 99 Asmahul Husna. You Are Just One Click Away From Starting Thisjourney With Our Highly Trained, Qualified, Dedicated Male And Female Quran Teachers.

Course Outlines.

Memorizing The Holy Quran القران حفظ Memorizing The Holy Quran Literally Means Learning It By Heart. It Is One Of The Miracles Of The Holy Quran That It Is The Only Book In The World That Can Be Memorized Word For Word Even By Children Of Incredibly Young Age. At The Time Of The Noble Prophet (PBUH), Writing Things For The Purpose Of Storing Them Was Not Usually Practiced, Hence People Used To Memorize Whatever Knowledge They Wanted To Preserve. Even Today When Matters Of Preservation Are No Longer A Difficult Aspect Due To Advanced Technology, Memorizing Holy Quran Is Still The Honour That Allah Grants To Whosoever He Chooses. While It Is In The Hands Of Allah And While He Is The Safe Keeper Of His Holy Book, We Are Here To Provide You The Guidance And Assistance And Help You Achieve This Sacred Honour.
Online Quran Academy Tutors Use Simple Methods To Make The Online Quran Memorization Easier, Effective And Shorter For Students. Even School Going Kids Can Memorize The Quran Online With The Help Of Our Expert Teachers Because Our Tutors Encourage Their Interest To Memorize The Quran Online. Our Teachers Indulge So Much With The Students That Parents Don’t Have Chance Of Bothering About The Quran Classes Of The Kids Because Our Tutors Have, Are And Will Keep The Kids Happy. They Come To The Class Happily On A Regular Basis And Therefore Classes Go Smooth. We Take Our Duty Of Teaching Seriously Because It Is The Sunnah Of The Prophet Saw So You Can Definitely Rely On Us

Learn To Read Quran With Us

To Learn The Quran Is The First And Foremost Duty And Right Of Every Muslim. And By The Grace Of Allah The Almighty, We Are And Will Be Able To Teach Quran To Students Across The Globe. Numerous Individuals Are Benefiting From Our Services And Appreciating The Prospect To Learn Quran Online. We Have Thousands Of Pleased Students Due To The Performance, Authenticity, And Credibility We Ensure.


Our Mission Is And Always Will Be To Provide A Place Where The Individuals Would Enrol And Learn Inspirational Online Islamic And Quranic Teachings. It Is Especially For Students From Areas Where No Reliable Resources For Learning Quran Are Available. Thus, Quba Academy Provides Online Quran Classes For The Students Across The World.
We Take Pride For Offering Quality Quran Education Standing By A Team Of Qualified And Experienced Teachers And Scholars. Our Online Quran Teaching Academy Provides Classes For Students Belonging To All Age Groups Ranging From Adult Students To Classes For Kids.
Classes Our Tutors Are Hardworking Individuals Of High Calibre Who Know Well How To Teach A Student Properly And In A Friendly Environment To Produce Best Results. They Can Deliver Lectures In A Very Professional And Eloquent Manner