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Quran Translation Course

Quran Translation Course

The holy Quran is in fact the collection of Divine commandments and a unique source of guidance for mankind till the Day of Judgment. Because the holy Quran is in Arabic language the non-Arab peoples are required to understand it through its translation.
Through this course the students are taught the Malayalamand English translation . The students are thus able to comprehend the peculiar style, similes and metaphors and literal and Contextual meanings of the holy Quran.
This course helps Muslims to understand Allah’s book(word by word or inside stories with pictures), recognize the purposes of verses & surahs and reasons behind revelation through various syllabuses which suit every student (Adults & children).
As we provide you with essential background information on each surah (or chapter) that gives them the historical perspective of each chapter which will enable you to understand the surah fully.
Four levels of treating with Quran:
  1. Reading or Reciting the Holy Quran
  2. Memorizing the Holy Quran
  3. Understanding the Holy Quran
  4. Implementing or Reflecting the Holy Quran into our lives
What Teaching Methodology:
Following areas are covered in this course
Arabic Words
Students are taught the meaning of few Arabic words every day
Verses Word by Word

The students are taught meaning of the verses word by word

Verses Word by Word

Verses Word by WordAfter literal translation of the verses the students are explained the contextual meaning of the words and verses
Quran learning is the best gift you can give to your children. It helps them understand the code of conduct laid down by Allah Almighty that will help them in becoming a better Muslim and consequently a productive member of the society.